Ассоциация Создателей
и Пользователей
Интеллектуальных Систем

The Association of Developers
and Users of Intelligent Systems

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ADUIS consists of about one hundred members including ten collective members. The Association was founded in Ukraine in 1992. The main aim of ADUIS is to contribute to the development and application of the artificial intelligence methods and techniques. The efforts of scientists engaged in ADUIS are concentrated on the following problems:

Association has long-term experience in collaboration with teams, working in different fields of research and development. Methods and programs created in Association were used for revealing regularities, which characterize chemical compounds and materials with desired properties. Some thousands of high precise prognoses have been done in collaboration with chemists and material scientists of Russia and USA.

Association can help businessmen to find out conditions for successful investment taking into account region or field peculiarities as well as to reveal user's requirements on technical characteristics of products being sold or manufactured.

Physicians can be equipped with systems, which help in diagnosing or choosing treatment methods, in forming multi-parametric models that characterize health state of population in different regions or social groups.

Sociologists, politicians, managers can obtain the Association's help in creating generalized multi-parametric "portraits" of social groups, regions, enterprise groups. Such "portraits" can be used for prognostication of voting results, progress trends, and different consequences of decision making as well.

Association provides a useful guide in technical diagnostics, ecology, geology, and genetics.

ADUIS has at hand a broad range of high-efficiency original methods and program tools for solving analytical problems, such as knowledge discovery, classification, diagnostics, prognostication.

ADUIS unites the creative potential of highly skilled scientists and engineers

Since 1992 ADUIS holds regular conferences and workshops with wide participation of specialists in AI and users of intelligent systems. The proceedings of the conferences and workshops are published in scientific journals. ADUIS cooperates through its foreign members with organizations that work on AI problems in Russia, Byelarus, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, etc. ADUIS is the collective member of the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI).

The ADUIS President
Prof. Aleksey Voloshin
The ADUIS Director
Dr. Vitalii Velychko


V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics
National Academy of Science of Ukraine
Prospect Akademika Glushkova, 40, 03680 GSP Kiev-187 Ukraine
Phone: (+38044) 5263348
Fax: (+38044) 5263348

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